About Me

First, thank you for wanting to know a little bit about me and how my sexual adventures began. I’ll also tell you why I decided to put up this site and share my life adventures with everyone that wants to read about them.

I was extremely shy as I grew up. I walked around basically trying not to be noticed by people. I would almost get panic attacks when a stranger would try to talk to me. Over time, things did change.

If I had to pinpoint when things really started to change with my life and sexual desires, it would be when I met Roy. He somehow brought me out of my shell and made me realize over time that the less shy I was, the more excitement I would have in my life.

As the years went by, I started to realize my sexuality and slowly let it out instead of hiding it from others. One day, I realized that I really enjoyed sex and wanted to explore my sexual side. Roy and I discussed it and he helped me to get over my anxiety and let the inner sensual and sexual me out.

My first real sexual adventures and sexual exploration started when Roy and I decided to try swinging. We both grew to love the sexual freedom and the non-judgmental people we met in the swinger lifestyle. This helped me to open up even more sexually.

Roy and I are happily married and have a very open relationship where we support each other’s sexual desires and needs. I guess you could call us polyamorist swingers. Our relationship provides me with the support to really explore my sexual side and gives me the freedom of being in a relationship, and at the same time being able to basically enjoy being single at the same time.

Once I realized that my sex drive had basically taken over my life, I started feeling a need to share the sexual adventures I go on with others. I wanted others to feel the excitement and true enjoyment I feel from being totally sexually free and open.

So, I decided to start my own blog about my sexual adventures and share them with anyone that wanted to read them. I’m not a professional writer. In fact, this is the first time I have even tried to write. So, don’t expect professionally written stories. I just write down my sexual adventures to share with people in my own words.

My sexual adventures have gotten a lot more daring over time and continue to get even more daring. My lust for sex keeps growing every day. I have a voracious sexual appetite that is constantly growing and getting harder to satisfy.

To be honest, I actually get very turned on just thinking about people reading about my sexual adventures.

I’m glad you found my blog and I hope you enjoy reading about my sexual adventures as much as I did going on each of them.