I was in the grocery store shopping earlier today. It was very hot out so I put on a very short red sun dress, a very thin, see-through thong and flip flops.

After I was shopping for a bit, I noticed I was running into several guys over and over on different aisles. It was a little puzzling at first. Then I realized that each time I bent down to get something off one of the lower shelves, my little dress rode up high enough to show my pussy and almost my entire ass.

At first it was a little embarrassing, but then I decided to have a little fun with it. I started bending over a lot more and picking things up off the lower shelf and then just putting it back.

I also started flirting with the guys each time I ran into one of them. I would smile, say hi, and then bite my lip while I looked them up and down. It seemed to shake up a few of them.

When I went to the checkout, I noticed one of the guys was behind me in line. I struck up a little flirtatious conversation with him. He eventually asked for my number. He was very cute and friendly. So, I gave him my name and number. Now I’ll just have to see if he calls. I hope he does. I would love to be ravished by him.