I decided that I wanted to take my bath by candlelight tonight. I filled the tub, set out some candles around the edge of the tub, and grabbed an erotic story book to read.

I soaked in the tub for a good 30 minutes while reading my erotic book by candlelight. This got me feeling very sexy and in the mood for sex. When I finished my bath, I let all the water drain out before I got out. I wanted to finish the chapter of the story I was reading.

I set the book aside and started blowing out the candles. When I picked up one of the candles that was at my feet, some of the wax dripped out onto my lower stomach when I went to blow it out.

When the hot wax hit my lower stomach, it caused me to gasp and tense up a bit. I arched my stomach and the wax dripped down across my pussy mound. That caused me to gasp again and moan out. When the wax dripped across my pussy mound, it gave me some major tingles. I was actually shocked it did.

I always thought that hot wax was going to just be painful. I realized tonight that it gave me major tingles and the pain was actually right between the line of pain and pleasure.

I decided to drip a little more of the wax on my pussy mound. When the wax landed, I gasped again, and even stronger tingles went through my entire body. I think I have discovered something new that sexually turns me on.