My husband and I like to go to a bar as strangers from time to time. We both enjoy watching the other flirt and pickup strangers. We decided to go to a bar tonight as strangers and have some fun.

I arrived at the bar dressed a little on the slutty side. I had a very short skirt on and a button down slightly see-through blouse on that was tied just below my chest. I was wearing high heels and stockings. You could just get a glimpse of the garter belt that was holding them up. I also had on a tiny white thong on. The contrast between it and the black mini skirt made it very easy to flash when I wanted too.

I started flirting a little with the guys at the bar. One asked if I would like to shoot a game of pool. I thought he was cute, and he turned me on a little. So, I said yes. He bought me a drink and we went over to the pool table to play.

At that time, I noticed my husband was coming in the front door of the bar. He was dressed in tight jeans, red dress shirt and a sexy sports jacket. He looked hot. He noticed me by the pool table and winked at me. I licked my lips and winked back.

I started to play pool with this sexy stranger I just met. As the game progressed, I started flirting with him. I would bend over the table exposing my white thong and look back at him. I could see he was enjoying the view.

Later in the game I started acting just a little helpless and asked him if he could help me line up the shot I was trying to make.

I made sure my butt rubbed against his crotch as he leaned over me to help me line the shot up. I could actually feel him getting a little hard and was enjoying teasing him.

When it was his shot, I made sure I stood by the pocket or ball he was aiming at. I would pull my skirt up a little or act like I was playing with myself. This worked well at getting him to miss a few shots.

After we finished the game, I told him I would really like to dance. He said he was not very good at dancing but would love to dance with me. I said, “Let’s wait until a slow song then.”

When a slow song started to play, he took my hand and led me out on the dance floor. I put my arms around him, and we started to dance.

Before the song was over, I saw my husband going over to the jukebox. I knew exactly what he was doing. He could tell by my actions that I was sexually attracted to this stranger, and he was cuing up a few more slow songs for me.

When he turned around to head back to the bar, he blew me a kiss. I smiled and mouthed the words, thank you.

I was hoping that the stranger would start getting a little frisky with me but so far, he has been a perfect gentleman. That was not going to work for me. So, I moved one of my hands down to his ass and started to gently squeeze one of his butt cheeks. It was nice and firm. That turned me on even more.

I could feel him getting an erection, so I started kissing and nibbling a little on his neck. I started breathing heavily in his ear and letting out little moans. That finally got him out of the perfect gentlemen state.

He pulled me in tighter to his body and let one of his hands wonder down to my ass. He started squeezing it gently. I let out a little moan in his ear to let him know that it was OK.

After a while, he slid his hand up under my skirt and inched his way towards my pussy. I moaned again and squeezed his ass hard.

I pulled my head back to see if he would kiss me. I closed my eyes and pursed my lips with my mouth slightly open. He took the signal and started to kiss me.

After we danced a little longer, I signaled my husband that I was going to take this encounter all the way. He nodded and smiled at me.

I whispered in the stranger’s ear, “I know a private place out back that we can get to know each other better.” I did not give him time to respond. I took his hand and led him off the dance floor and out the side door of the bar.

I took him around to the back of the bar. An alley ran behind the bar and at this time of night, you would rarely see anyone walking down the alley.

The restaurant next to the bar was still crowded. They have an outside patio dining area just around the corner from where the two of us are standing.

I waited until I saw my husband watching us from a distance. We have an area just down the alley that we can watch the other from to make sure they are safe.

We both like to watch the other one having sex with strangers. It turns us both on. It’s also fun to put on a little sex show for your partner. Of course, the stranger had no idea that we were being watched.

After the stranger and I talked a little, I told him that I wanted him to fuck me right here, right now. His eyes got big, and he looked a little nervous.

I moved in close to him and started kissing him. I took his hand and moved it up under my skirt to my pussy. I could feel him shaking a bit. I loved it!

After a little kissing and heavy petting, I removed his belt and placed it on the top of the trash can that was next to us. I then removed my thong and ran it across his face before placing it on top of his belt.

I then unzipped his pants and reached down inside his underwear and grabbed his cock. I started massaging it.

He finally relaxed and moved his hand back to my pussy and started to finger fuck me. I was already very wet, so it was easy for him to get several fingers inside me.

I dropped to my knees and pulled his pants and underwear down to below his knees. I started to suck on his cock. I sucked him slowly and took him deep inside my mouth. I could already taste his pre-cum.

I stood back up and told him to fuck me now. I got a little aggressive with him, but he did not seem to have a problem with that.

He pinned me up against the wall and raised my hands above my head and held them there. He took his other hand and unbuttoned my blouse.

He started to play and suck on my tits while he was still holding my hands above my head. It was turning me on more and more. I started to let out little sighs of enjoyment. This seemed to make him get a little more aggressive with me.

I lifted one of my legs and wrapped it around him. He slid his cock inside me. He was much larger than I thought he was. As he went deep inside me, I started to moan and sigh. The extreme fullness felt wonderful.

I told him that I wanted him to take me from behind. He let my hands go and I turned around and placed my hands against the wall and spread my legs. I pooched my butt back to make it easy for him to penetrate me.

He stuck his cock back inside me and started fucking me hard. I could feel my legs starting to tremble. My moans started getting louder and louder. He did not want anyone to hear us, so he cupped my mouth with his hand to muffle the sounds I was making.

He then bent me over some crates that were by the wall and continued to fuck me from behind. He grabbed my hair and pulled. This turned me on even more. I was enjoying him getting rough with me.

I felt myself getting close to having an orgasm and started getting very loud with my moans. He again moved his hand over my mouth to muffle the sounds.

I had a very explosive orgasm that seemed to go on and on. I really enjoyed it. He started slowly fucking me so I could recover from the orgasm. The slow fucking felt intense but relaxing at the same time.

I stood up and leaned him against the wall. I then dropped to my knees and started to give him a blowjob. I took him deep into my throat and felt him tremble a little each time I did that.

I brought him to the edge of orgasm several times but would not let him cum. He finally could not take it anymore and he begged me to let him cum. So, this time, I took him all the way. He shot his load into my mouth. He came so much that some of the cum dripped out of my mouth onto the ground between the two of us.

As he orgasmed, his legs trembled so much that he slid partially down the wall. He could barely stand. I felt powerful at that moment.

I stood up and wrapped my arms around him and we just cuddled for a while. After he recovered, we put our clothes back on and went back into the bar.

He asked me for my number, and I told him I don’t give it out on a first fuck. He looked a little confused. I told him that I come here on occasion and that he should look out for me and if he was lucky and worth it, I would give him my number then.

He smiled and said that he had was extremely worn out and had better go home. I kissed him goodbye and told him that I would keep an eye out for him also.

After he left, my husband sent over a drink to my table. He then came over and started flirting with me. I asked him to sit down. We flirted a little with each other and I asked him if he would like to dance. We got up and slow danced together for a few songs.

He then took my hand and led me out the side door of the bar. We went around back to the same place I just fucked the stranger.

We were both so horny that we immediately started ripping each other’s clothes off. We fucked for what seemed like hours. Neither of us could get enough of the other.

I must have orgasmed three or four times and was trembling to the point I had to be held up. I was really enjoying myself.

We then heard someone coming down the alley. It was a couple. I made sure I moaned loud enough for them to turn and see us. They looked a little shocked and started walking down the alley faster. Too bad, I was going to ask them to join us.

After we both had all the sex we could handle, we put our clothes back on and started to walk home.

We walked back to our apartment hand in hand talking about what we both just did tonight. We relived every moment of the night. We each filled in the details of our sexual adventure that the other one could not see or hear.

When we got home, we both climbed into bed. We kissed each other goodnight and fell asleep cuddled with each other.